Orange Gorge Briefing

One of the load rafts rowed by a guide, carrying group equipment for the 5-day expedition. Iceboxes, food, fresh water, tables and even a scullery go downriver.

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Nearly all the comforts of home travel with us on these trips. We camp under the stars at any place along the banks that takes our fancy. The meals are tasty and nutritious. The night skies are unbelievable: star-studded views of the universe without pollution.

We paddle up to 5 hours a day most days but in the Gorge we usually take a day off to hike, fish, laze about.  Distance covered overall during the 5 days is about 70 km with more than half in the first two days, leaving time for leisure and sight seeing.

Passports are not required but we advise you to bring an ID book or passport if a foreign citizen. The only (small) shops are at Onseepkans for final late provisioning. Fresh water is carried on the trip and we have large coolers to keep food fresh.

Bring your own lightweight tent, deckchairs and umbrellas. No large heavy canvas tents please, and no huge mattresses – use blow-up or closed cell foam. A boom-box toilet is set up, Loo with a View, for your comfort and convenience.

Get the briefing leaflet.