Vaal Rapids


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The Vaal river is raftable all year round, but from December to April it can turn wild over some stretches. Join our Whitewater Watch List to be informed when the river is stonking full and we’re hitting the big stuff.

Advisory: At high water over 300 cumecs no kids under 14 or adults over 60. Being a good swimmer is advisable. No prior experience is required.

The famous big rapids are named LookSharp (yes, indeed), Theatre (always lots of drama), Gatsien (see-your-arse) and Knucklecrusher (speaks for itself). We class the section 4+ when it’s running high, over 300 cubic metres per second (more or less what’s in the video above). The river’s normal flow in summer is between 25 and 50 cumecs.

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We can offer 2-seater Crocs up to 250 cumecs, for those with some experience, but thereafter it’s guided 4-6 seater rafts only. Capsizes can happen but there are rescue craft. You don’t want to swim hundreds of metres in wildwater if it can be avoided.

We can’t guarantee very big water but we watch the online flow reports carefully and apply our own knowledge and experience when estimating what to expect.

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